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All of our sensual flavors are named after Vixens that we think are sexy, strong and seductive women, either real or fictional. Our Signature Six Vixens are available all year round for you to devour and each month we add a Specialty Vixen.

Each one of our hand made bacon treats is filled with one of our sweet centers featured below and wrapped in a smokey, salty bacon. They are then dipped in luxurious chocolate and hand decorated. Every bite will give you that sweet, salty, sticky, crunchy and sometimes spicy combination.

So, now that I have you drooling, which Vixen will be your favorite?

In addition to the flavors below, we are also featuring:

Coraline - Dark Chocolate | Almond Joy | Coconut
Lakshmi - Milk Chocolate | Sweet Coconut Curry | Kaffir Lime Leaf