The Sticky Pig
For Fine Gifts and Personal Debauchery

Wow, first of all let me just say that of all the places on the internet you could be right at this moment you are here with me, The Sticky Pig, and I feel mighty honored by your arrival. I do hope you stay awhile. I see a beautiful friendship starting to bud.

You see, I didn't start The Sticky Pig because I was jumping onto some kind of bacon bandwagon. I started this company because I saw how much bacon made people happy. And I LOVE making people happy, so what better way to make people happier than paring salty bacon with sweet chocolate and other deliciousness? I know you are trying to think about that for a moment, but nah, nothing can top bacon + chocolate. It's really the perfect marriage, if you ask me.

So here I am way back in 2009 making candied bacon strips for my friends and family and turning down marriage proposals left and right, (bacon does that to men), being chased down my street by packs of neighborhood dogs, and deciding whether or not to sign up for the witness protection program when I think I may really have something here. I start experimenting with different flavor combos, like sweet curry, raspberry and a bacon s'mores. I just couldn't help myself. The ideas just kept pouring from my brain; I couldn't write them down fast enough. Then came the thought bubble of "I want to make a raspberry jelly doughnut flavor but with candied bacon!'. I thought of how jelly doughnuts are filled with raspberry gooey awesomeness and then powdered in snowy white sugar on the outside. I wanted to do that somehow with bacon. So I did. And it worked. Really well. Almost too well. I filled bacon with my own raspberry gooey awesomeness and sprinkled it with powdered sugar. I impressed even myself; the toughest critic I know. And so The Sticky Pig was born. Then came The S'mores, Coconut Curry Lime and The Elvis flavors. These were the first generation of Sticky Pigs that are now retired. I have since gone through three evolutions of bacon treats that has brought me to the candies you see today. I am very proud of each and every one of them and I still make each piece by hand. Ahh, the labors of bacon love.

The Sticky Pig is still just a little piggy, but I look forward to many more years of making creative bacon candy treats for my little piggies far and wide. I also love your feedback, so don't be shy. Give us a call or shoot us an email and tell me what you think!

Peace, love and bacon candy!

Tara, The Bacon Vixen